For 25 years, we’ve always emphasized a multidisciplinary approach to design. Our team features a wide range of skill sets and professionals from museum and non-museum backgrounds. We work together closely – both literally and figuratively – to develop memorable visitor experiences through a collaborative and creative process built on three pillars: communication, project management and testing.


Envisioning Tomorrow Envisioning Tomorrow Envisioning Tomorrow


We establish clear lines of communication from day one. The project manager and design director coordinate their communications with the client to ensure questions or concerns are quickly addressed. We use regularly scheduled working meetings, teleconferences and an FTP site to make certain that the client and all team members are up to date on the progress at all times.


We have developed a set of management tools that allow us to closely monitor and compare actual progress with the plan, identify potential risks early and keep each project on schedule and budget.


We rigorously review all designs for potential integration issues. Our experience as designers, fabricators and engineers allows us to identify and address potential problem areas early.